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Customise Packages

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Camera (comes with tripod, 2 recording cards 32gb each, card reader)
Canon XF 305
Canon 5d packages
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Canon 1dc (4K) packages
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Film budgeting in the film makers hands!

Accord Production Hub is a video & film production company that provides many production services like training film production, demo videos, short film production support, feature film production support, line production service and more. We offer the best affordable services in India, Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad.

The idea of having customized video production packages gives the power to the client to choose  the  type of equipment, camera crew in their budget. Given that most independent filmmakers, and companies, big or small, shoot videos for various different reasons.

Often a film maker knows exactly what he needs but does not have a team to support him. He has to just log onto our site www.accordproductionhub.com, choose link ‘customize your package’. He can add his requirements and send us the mail in 1 click.

While we have offered ready packages earlier, the customized film production package completes our offering as a video production company. This page allows a creative professional to choose exactly what suits him rather than go with what we feel is right for him. It puts him completely in the driver’s seat.

The customized package link would primarily be used by film executives in Ad agencies, international producers coming to India, cameraman looking for shooting equipment, film production companies that do not have a team, photographers and other indie film makers.

The advantage of the customized package is  flexibility  and options. It also prompts the filmmaker to  experiment  with equipment options, crew options and rig options.

For crew, one can choose different cameramen, sound recordists, fixers, directors and more. In terms of shooting equipment one can choose from a wide range of HD 2k & HD 4k cameras, sound gear, lights and rigs.

We have a strong background in video production and have inhouse shooting equipment; making it easier for us to give cost effective shooting options. We have camera crews who have handled many projects and deliver as per requirements.

Creative people want to handle what they do the best ie. creative work and need a safe team who handle their other work. They can come to us and rest their minds in peace.

Our team is quite tuned to corporate and filming requirements. Our camera crew is presentable and equipment is well maintained. The team goes in well prepared and in time to setup and deliver the rushes in time. They speak local languages as well as English, which helps our International Clients.

As a video production agency and a camera rental house, we have over 2 decades of experience in equipment rentals & production and have many regular clients. The testimonials available on our site will give you an idea of our client’s satisfaction. We also offer editing & post production services.

We offer the best services of a video production company in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad. As the growth of video on websites grows this is a service that would be really useful to most companies.

Our associate company, Accord Equips is the best and most affordable equipment rental company for the last 2 decades. Visit www.accordequips.com to know more about them and their happy clients  feedback.