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Freelance with us

Freelance with us

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Film professionals, add your profile and reach out to the world

Accord Production Hub is a video & film production company that provides many production services like production of training film video, demo videos, short film production support, feature film production support, line production service and more.

It is possible to provide these services with the support of an in house team and freelancing film makers like cameraman, sound recordists, directors, producers, production fixers, executive producers etc.

Besides reputed film institutes  like FTII, SRFTI, Whistling woods etc, a number of film schools, and mass media colleges have emerged over the last decade. Many students are emerging from here. These professionals can get work due to the emerging work on the internet video production. The work for video production has multiplied over the last 2 years. Today most websites want a video online. Many companies create viral videos to promote their brands. Internet advertising will outgrow print advertising and tv advertising in the near future. Not all video production needs film cameras. Today we see so many ‘HOW TO’ videos on youtube. These training videos need basic shooting equipment but good film professionals who know exactly what to shoot. Filmmaking students earlier did not get to touch a camera for 5 years after finishing school. Today they become cameraman and sound recordists  within  a year of assisting.

Many companies like to shoot inhouse  and are creating video production divisions. Lot of the young film makers are either starting on their own or getting absorbed in these companies.

Alternatively, many companies want to shoot content but do not want the headache of equipment of camera crew on their rolls. They prefer to choose a company like ours to fulfill their requirements.

Our site, www.accordproductionhub.com would be a meeting point for companies seeking film making services and film making professionals wishing to widen their reach to more work.

The site allows film professionals like audiographers, DPs, production people, film technicians  etc to list their profile, their work details their working stills, and other details that can get the more work.

The idea of this site is to get more work for itself as well as the video production professionals who list themselves on our video production platform.

Once film professionals list themselves here, they automatically come on our list of film technicians we could offer our clients.

This is not a directory of film professionals but a zone where people can get a real opportunity to work and not just their work profile listed. Film professionals would find it useful and respectful to work through us or work with us. The transparence in pricing offered online would comfort not only companies but film professionals too.

Filling details on the site is quite simple and a 5 minute process. It offers the video professionals all the options they would need to make a complete profile. It would obviously be important to fill as many details as possible for more confidence and comfort of our clients.

We are a part of the reputed company with over 2 decades of experience, www.accordequips.com. This is a leading company in video equipment rentals like cameras, camera lenses, Camera rigs and much more.

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