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Providing complete production services from script to screen : Crew – Equipment - Production services - post production support right upto final output film

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It is a video production house providing the services of producing video interviews, short films, corporate films, equipment demo films, training videos,  corporate films, ad films and all types of video content. We provide cameras and crew to cover the entire requirement right from script to final film. Accord production Hub is an offshoot of Accord Equips. It specializes in line production services & film production planning.   There are solving a requirement of a growing need of producing training films, web videos, corporate interviews, product films, demo videos, video interview etc. The presence of videos on a website enhances traffic to the site. Smart phones have eased the capability of viewing videos on the go, helping the growth of video production requirements. Many companies today have their company’s web channel, video magazine etc. These are tools used by companies to reach out to their employees across the country and the world.

Today small, big & medium sized companies as well as entrepreneurs realize the importance of shooting video content. While everyone wants to shoot this affordable web video content they do not know who to turn to. Advertising agencies are not interested in web video work due to its low cost. Companies do not have great budgets to shoot interviews, product demo films & training films etc. Also companies do not know what they should budget and what they would need to make a film or a video.

Accord production Hub steps in to solves their problem. Our costs being transparent, companies have to simply log onto www.accordproductionhub.com  and choose a shooting package that suits their requirement. The pricing and what is being offered is all listed, making it easy for the companies to decide as to which shooting package they would like to choose. Clients can customize the package as per their need. If needed  we also provide video editing and post production services. Client can simply concentrate on his script and leave the rest to us.

Our camera crew could include a cameraman, sound recordist, fixer, producer, director, production manager, Line producer amongst others. Our crew, in the superior package would do recce to decide how to give the best to the client. We have different levels of DP and Audiographers depending on the budget and project requirements. While our technicians freelance with us, we have some trained manpower inhouse too. Our crew is well experience in line production and can deliver as per the client requirements at an affordable rate. This helps clients to produce their content in pre decided budget, as there are no surprises when it comes to costing.

Our advantage is that we have inhouse cameras, lights, mics and other accessories required for shooting being a part of Accord Equips.

Our associate company Accord Equips is a camera rental house that has the largest range of cameras, lenses, rigs and accessories in India. This really makes us cost effective and strong enough to execute and deliver video & film projects with challenging deadlines.

Given that we are a production house, that has produced shot documentaries, short films, ad films, corporate AVs we have an understanding of production requirement and expectations from our clients. Many of our clients just choose the production package and leave the rest to us.

It is important to choose a company and crew that is proven, as it is not always possible to reshoot or get dates of CEOs etc. We help our clients to keep the backup for a week. Our company has a strong reputation. We have serviced international production teams and producers from US, UK, Australia, Siberia, Germany and many other countries. The testimonials on our site will give you enough confidence of our ability to deliver.  

We have offices in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad and offer services in these cities of India

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