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Feature Film Packages

Video Production Company Mumbai

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Feature Film Packages

  Regular Basic
Costing Starts at
Shooting days 25 20
Cameras (4K) 2 1
Crew 50 40
Songs 2 0
Exclusions Actors, Promotions Actors, Promotions
Exclusions lodging, boarding, travel, stay for reccce and during shoot lodging, boarding, travel, stay for reccce and during shoot
Ideal for Shooting an polished indie film. Shoot a shoe string budget film.
What's the deal Comes with a complete 45 member crew, 2 HD 4k cameras. 2 song. Staring from scripting upto final copy for censors Comes with a complete 40 member crew, 1 HD 4k cameras. No song. Staring from scripting upto final copy for censors
  We offer Distribution and release solutions, if required, at a separate cost.
Pre Production Expenses
Head Units Units
Writing Team Package Package
Story Boarding 100 Boards 100 Boards
Peons 1 1
Handycam 4 Days 4 Days
Still camera 4 Days 4 Days
- Food, transport & stay at actuals additional Food, transport & stay at actuals additional
Screen Test
Handycam 4 days 4 days
Still Camera 4 days 4 days
Studio 4 days 4 days
Food 4 days 4 days
Transport 4 days 4 days
Song recordings incl Music Director 2 0
Production Expenses
Location 25 days 20 days
Song recordings incl Music Director 25 days 20 days
Camera Equipment
Camera - 1dc or similar with CP2 lenses 2 1
Special Camera 1 0
Laptop 1 1
Camera - for making 1 1
Attendants 2 -
Lighting equipment & boys
HMI 2 2
Baby 5 4
LED 2 2
Softy 2 0
Lightboys 4 2
Tempo 1 1
Sound Equipment
Lapel Mic 0 0
Boom Mic 1 1
Recorder 1 1
Attendant 1 1
Rigs & Grips
Jimmy Jib + operators 3 Days 0
Steadicam + Operator 3 Days 0
Fog or Lightning Machine + Operator 2 Days 1
Production Team
Executive Producer 1 1
Production Manager 1 1
Asst Production team 2 1
Spot boys 2 2
Conveyance - -
Direction Team
Director 1 1
Associate Director 1 1
Asst Director 2 2
Conveyance - 0
Camera Team
DOP - 1
DOP's asst - 1
Chief Asst Cameraman 1 1
Asst Cameraman cum focus puller 1 1
Gaffer 1 1500
Conveyance - -
Sound Team
Sond Recordist 1 1
Boom Man 1 1
Conveyance - -
Art Direction Team
Art Director 1 1
Asst Art Director 1 0
Setting boys 2 2
Conveyance 4 -
Action Coordination Team
Action Director 1 0
Asst action Director - -
Conveyance 1 -
Choreography Team
Choreographer 1 0
Asst Choreographer - -
Conveyance 1 0
VFX Supervisor 1 0
Vfx Asst - -
Make up Department
Make up man 1 1
Asst Make up 1 1
Conveyance - -
Hair dresser Team
Hair Dresser 1 1
Asst Hair Dresser 1 1
Conveyance - -
Costume Stylist 1 1
Dressman 1 1
Conveyance - -
Car 3 3
Bus 1 1
Light tempo - -
Food 50 people 40 people
Hard Disc - 1TB 6 6
Production material - -
Post Production
Post Production Incharge 1 0
Editor 1 1
Asst Editor 1 1
Edit Studio 1 1
Hard Disc 5 5
VFX - -
DI & Colour Correction Package Package
Dubbing Package Package
Foley Package Package
Background Score Package Package
Mixing Package Package
Surround Sound Package Package
Conveyance - -
Food - -
Production House Charges 10% 15%
Total Rs 1,00,00,000 Rs 65,00,00,000
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Equipment & Crew
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More Details


Terms & Conditions
Quotation excludes costs of actors, promotions, travel, lodging boarding, food etc. during recce and final shoot
Rates are per day (10 hrs shift)
Service tax 15% will be additional
You agree to receive replies / updates from the company
The enquiry is valid for 30 days
This mail does not confirm the booking

Work done by us

Transparent costing and deliverables, complete with equipment and crew

Accord Production Hub is a video & film production agency that provides many production services like feature film production support, short film production support, training film production, demo videos, line production service and more.

The company has co-produced national award films like the HEADHUNTER and many more. Our recent film THE BLACK SHEEP has won many prestigious awards in the festival circuit.

Today many film makers and amateurs want to produce feature films on various subjects. Fortunately there are platforms like film festivals across India and the globe. The web platforms include Netflix, DTH and many others. Every Indian has a filmmaker in him and we all have has a story to tell. The evolution of the exhibition avenues has helped many upcoming film makers to make their films and present their film making prowess. Many established filmmakers use these indie film genre to present an idea that is not possible to release commercially. Many amateurs have great story telling skills and have always wished to make films but lack the production and technical support. Many film makers are strong and the creative side but do not have the infrastructure of production. Many individuals wish to produce films but have no idea of the process of filmmaking. Many photographers wish to produce a movie. They have great creativity and framing experience but do not have the required support for film production.

This is where www.accordproductionhub.com comes in the picture. As a commercial film production agency, we have readymade filmmaking packages at different budgets. These film production packages are transparent in costing and deliverables.  They are complete and take care of all aspects of film production and required equipment and crew. The production person heading this has over 3 decades of film making experience. The key to making these films viable; is producing them within budgets.

The two feature film packages offered allow the filmmaker to choose as per their requirements. The packages are primarily for the low cost indie film maker, who have a story to tell. .

All the Indie film packages are designed such that we take care of the entire production leaving no worries to the filmmaker except organizing the distribution and marketing..

We have a strong background in video production and have inhouse shooting equipment which includes variety of 4K cameras. This makes it easier for us to give cost effective shooting options. We have a regular and experienced camera crew that have handled many projects. 

The packages are created such that one can make additions. Our team is quite tuned to Feature film requirements and goes in well prepared. As a video production agency and a camera rental house, we have over 2 decades of experience in equipment rentals & production and have many regular clients. The testimonials available on our site will give you an ideal of our client’s satisfaction.

We offer the services in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad. As the growth of film festivals and internet platforms continue this would be really useful to most creative people.

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